Spotlight on a Members Ride

This rare Military Vehicle is a 1953 USAF R-2 Aircraft Rescue Truck, one of 308 manufactured for the Air Force. It is owned and preserved by club member Matt Dunn. He believes it was stationed at Vandenberg AFB CA in it's early life. After it left active service, it was rumored to have been used at a civilian airport in California.

It was stored in a private aircraft hangar at Cable Airport in the California uplands for almost 18 years. Matt had been watching this particular vehicle for over three years online. Last year, a gentleman from Iowa purchased the R-2 and moved it from from California. This individual has restored several other R-2's and currently has one on display indoors, at the Strategic Air Command (SAC) Museum in Omaha NE, under the wing of a B-52 bomber.

Matt finally was able to purchase it in Sioux City IA last May (Craigslist posting) and trailered it back to Rincon GA, pretty much in the original condition as released from the Air Force. Most of the installed components and tools were still with the vehicle and he has since rounded up most of the missing original items. Everything is fully operational on the vehicle including the PTO winch and PTO 230 VAC generator. It is fully licensed and insured for road travel and driven locally to different shows and events.

He also has all of the USAF Technical Orders (TO's) for the operation, maintenance, and parts breakdown for the vehicle. Being on a basic M-56 Dodge chassis, most parts are available should the need arise to fix something. It is so original compared to others that have been de-milled and converted to other uses. Matt feels very fortunate to have acquired the vehicle in this condition and plans on travelling to many MVPA events.

It will also be displayed at SPAAMFAA events (Society for Preservation and Appreciation of Antique Motorized Fire Apparatus in America), as it is two trucks in one, Military and a Fire Vehicle. Thank you for bringing this Best Of Show Winner to our Fall Rally.