Member's Vehicles

Quarter Ton Vehicles




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Joe and Carols M422


Frank Baltra's 1952 M38


Al and Melody Byers' M38A1


Tony Arcuri's son's WWII MB


Dale Aylward's 1945 Willys MB


John Bolender's 1941 Willys Slat Grill 


Mark & Michelle Copeland at their wedding reception in front of the 4th Fighter Group Restaurant, adjacent to the Orlando Executive Airport.  They are standing next to a Willys MB.  Photo taken on 16 January 1999 (2.5 years before the couple came down with an incurable case of OD Fever).  Little did they know on their wedding day that the Fever would soon strike them!  


Ken Cosgrove's 1942 GPW


James Messer - 1942 Willys MB.  Total frame up restoration by Scholer Restorations.


Bruce Lamberto's 1945 Willys MB


Ed Menees' Ford GPW


Peter Rebernig's 1945 Willys MB


Michael Roberts' 1942 Cushman Airborne Scooter



Cecil Tanner and his 1942 Ford GPW


Milo Valencic's 1942 Ford GPW


Mark and Michelle Copelands Mightie Mite



Mark & Michelle Copeland's 1972 AM General M151A2

Don Doornbos' 1955 Willys M38A1 "Chosin Few"


Jim Gill has a unique jeep that many people aren't familiar with.  It's called a CJ-V35/U.  Only 1000 were ever made in 1950.  The NAVY contracted with Willys to produce them as strictly Communications/Radio jeeps.  Only about 34 of them are known to exist today.  Notice the front headlight bezels.  They are unique to the V-35.  Also unique are the claw hooks on the front frame.  Jim has two of them, both in very poor condition.  He hopes to make one decent restoration out of these two.  For more information on the CJ-V35/U, click Here.


Alton Holloway's M151A2 and M38


Bernie Kotrady's 1952 Willys M38


In July of 1999 Jim Gill, MVPA Member #18992, uncovered his 1951 M-38 in the town of Beverly, West Virginia.  His lack of knowledge about early military jeeps and the restoration process was an asset to him.  Had he known what he was getting into, he may not have undertaken the project.  Jim has no regrets however, because the project is coming along very well.  With the recent help of fellow FLMVPA member Emmett Thompson and neighbors Scott Walker and Mike Stoessel, Jim figures he is about 2/3 finished with a total frame off restoration.  It won't be long and he'll have the totally rebuilt engine running, then he can start on all the body work.


Bill & Rita Lammers' M38

Peter Rebernig's 1960 M422 Mighty Mite.  This is the 34th one off of the factory line.

Joe & Carol Scoglio's M422 Mighty Mite (during restoration).  The first row depicts the vehicle in restoration.  The engine and frame are now complete; the aluminum body awaits restoration.


Glen Senkowski's 1968 Ford M151A1 "CBiscuit". In the markings of my Vietnam unit, Troop A, 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry "Headhunters". Sadly the M2HB is a demil, but it is totally USGI except for the front third of the RHSP. The second picture of my jeep and M416 was taken at the TICO Airshow in Titusville FL, March 2004. CBiscuit was displayed next to the Valiant Air Command UH-1H/V which is currently undergoing restoration. This Huey is a Vietnam and Gulf War Veteran.
Ed Tucker's M422A1 & M38A1

Bob & Jo Weeks' 1962 Ford M151