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Our House in Normandy

Read The Report From Steve Irving

During the convention in Dayton Ohio Pierre and Silvia presented their project

of a permanent base in Normandy for their fellow members of  the MVPA and

affiliated Clubs " Our House in Normandy" (your house) project was adopted

by the board and soon it was operational.

Preparing for action-from left  Pierre and Bob Garver from Daytona,

Jack Ray  our Red Coat friend from West Sussex UK, Blake" Schmeisser"

Lorentzson from Jacksonville, with blue shirt Manny Rogers ,Connecticut

and friends from Holland- all members of the MVPA. 

Marc Vezin and Lex Elcheroth from Luxembourg- Bill Tritt OUR veteran

82nd Airborne June 5th,02.15 in the morning,from Lake Geneva FL, and

Jean Zigger life member from Luxembourg. The Dodge is coming from Geneva

but in Switzerland on the road, not on a trailer.

In front the entrance (and kitchenette) Marc Vezin from Luxembourg is

tinkering his WLA- beautiful weather all the  time in Normandy for bikers!

The Jeep is coming from Canton de VAUD- Lausanne area- in Switzerland

with the Dodge and a M 38 A 1 convoying 2 days trough France. A delight!

Steve Irving  from Miami is controlling the tinkerings on his right and listening

to the briefing on his left The large entrance on the right was a workshop for the

blacksmith in 44 .It is now a second family room for the guests..... and parties.