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Click on the images to enlarge them.  If you would like to contact the owners of these vehicles, please send an email to The Webmaster



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John Bolender's 1954 Dodge M37

Jason Booth's 1985 M1009 CUCV


Mark and Michelle Copeland's 1983 M1009 Under Construction and after completion.

Mike Donovan's M274 Mule


Skip Fowler's 1967 M725


Roger Francis' 1956 Chevrolet Suburban Carryall Signal Corps Vehicle.  It was in active duty at Fort Riley Kansas from October 1956 until it was sold as surplus in December 1971.  Click HERE for more info.
Jim Gill's M274 Mule
Ken Koch's HMMWV
Bill & Rita Lammers own two M37's:  a 1954 Marine Corps M37 and M101 Trailer (left) and a 1962 M37 and their mascot Sgt. Ted E. Bear

Lamar & Jewel Rowland's M274 Mule
Joe & Carol Scoglio's M37.  On the way to the Citrus Tower in Clermont, the crankshaft BROKE IN HALF.  What started out as a great day ended up as a nightmare.  On 11/5/2005 (one year less a day since the engine blew up), Joe completed the engine rebuild and drove the truck around his neighborhood.  The third  picture from the right is the completed engine.
Emmett Thompson's 1970 M561 Gamma Goat made by Consolidated Diesel Electric Company

Emmett Thompson's M1010 CUCV Ambulance


Ed Tucker's M715 & M274