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2003 Events 

Semi-Annual FFC outing at Earle & Evelyn Byers' Camp in the Ocala Forest

March 22 & 23


The Vehicles


Dodge WC62

M725 on right, M151 on left

M151 in foreground, M38A1 in background

Dodge WC4 Pictures

HMMWV Ambulance Pictures
1942 Ford GPW Pictures

Trail Ride Pictures

Other Pictures



Stuff For Sale

Stuff For Sale  Stuff For Sale  Stuff For Sale 

Stuff For Sale 


Blackout Lights - M38A1


Midnight Trail Ride Pictures with Night Vision Goggles 

This trail ride was the best one the Webmaster has ever been on!  Looking through Military Spec NVG's is an experience that the Webmaster will never forget!

Pic of club member in front of an M38A1 Silhouette of club members Silhouette of an M38A1
This is what a cigarette looks like through NVG's ! M38A1 Jeep