The KSC All American Picnic is an annual event held for the employees and their families at KSC.  This year included an impressive rally to boost support for NASA's Return to Flight.  The Return to Flight rally was added to celebrate the near-completion of preparation toward launching the Orbiter marking the Mission designation STS-114 (currently scheduled for launch on July 13).  The First Florida Chapter MVPA was invited to the unique event and created an impressive display.  Below is a pictorial of the happenings.


Mark & Michelle Copeland's M422 Mighty Mite

Center Director James Kennedy Astronaut Greg "RayJ" Johnson with Mark & Michelle RayJ and the Mighty Mite - what a magnificent sight ! Michelle and a suited astronaut


Ed Menees' Ford GPW

Ed and a current ESA Astronaut Paolo Napoli      


Al & Melody Byers' M38A1

RayJ sitting in the M38A1


Roger Francis' 1956 Chevy Suburban Signal Corps Van and Display


The Tuskegee Airmen preparing for the parade around the Picnic grounds.






There was a display of big cats at the picnic nearby along with a small alligator.  The alligator did NOT attack the cats!  


Other vehicles:

Mike Roberts' BMW Mike Roberts' Cushman Airborne Scooter Mike Roberts' Cushman Airborne Scooter Mark and the Copelands' M151A2
From left: Michelle, Mr. Kennedy, and Janey Bethay M151A2 and Signal Corps Display Glen Senkowski's M151A1 Glen Senkowski's M151A1
Andy Morris' Austin Champ The Champ and & M&M's M422 Astronauts in a vintage fire truck Astronauts in a vintage fire truck


The Display



Pictures from the bus tour to KSC.  STS-114 Discovery is on the launch pad.

famous eagle nest