First Florida Chapter, MVPA
Event Schedule

22 Feb - University of Central Florida (UCF) - Hello, my name is David Castro. I am contacting you on behalf of Theta Chi Fraternity at the University of Central Florida. Every year we host a philanthropy event called G.I. Theta Chi, which benefits the Bob Woodruff foundation which supports wounded veterans. This year our event will be held on February 22nd 2014.The event consists of a field day in which hundreds of students compete in different militaristic events to raise money for a great cause. The reason I am contacting you is because we would love for your organization to attend the event. I was looking online yesterday and stumbled across your beautiful military vehicles and thought that they would be perfect displays to bring authenticity to our philanthropy. I understand that the date is two weeks away but I hope that we could count on your participation. None of the vehicles will be touched but rather just serve as display objects to enhance the overall experience of G.I. Theta Chi. There will be food and drinks available at the event and I could get free shirts for several people who attend. I believe that this will be a great way to spend a Saturday and a better way to honor and respect the things that make this country great. P.S. I have attached a flyer to let you understand more about the event. Disregard the sponsorship page, that is not necessary for your participation.
The event will be held at 4321 Greek Park Drive, or the Theta Chi Fraternity House on campus. The event will be from 11-4 pm. You are welcome to come as early as you would like to set up. Thank you for taking the time to put the event on your club calendar and for making an effort even though you have prior events scheduled.
See flyer for more information. G.I. Theta Chi Event Flyer